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There is an error in the manual for the Dragon Ball Z alarm clock and speaker, step 3 of Setup > Alarm section is incorrect. To activate the alarm (display of the bell on the screen), all you have to do is press button 7 (the one in front, on the right of the screen) for 2 seconds.


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  • Be sure to use the correct and good quality batteries for the affected products.
  • Test several sets of batteries, the rate of defective batteries remains quite high in the trade. Check the connections and their direction (mainly micro-USB). Improper connection of cables (USB or mains) is considered as improper use of the product and cannot be covered by our warranty.
If your problem persists, send an email to info@teknofun.us with a copy of your invoice received by email. If possible, attach visual evidence that can help us identify whether the product is defective or not.
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Our products are guaranteed for 2 years. Refer to the included manual for setting it up. The warranty does not cover any misuse and / or degradation of the product.
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